FAQs – Recruitment

Frequently Asked Questions about Recruiting

Currently we are not recruiting from outside the UK as our clients are only interested in staff who are already in the UK.
You will be taken through the onboarding process for safer recruitment processes. You are required to have an Enhanced DBS check, complete all mandatory training and have x2 references, of which one of them should be your current employer.
You do not need to have experience to work with us, however you do need the basic understanding of care. We will help nurture you within the services.
You do not need to drive, as long as you can get to the service and show up for your shift. Some of the services are located in tricky areas, however after your onboarding, you are given access to the addresses so you can see if it is somewhere you can get to. The more you can get to, the more shifts that are available to you. Some of our clients have services which has access to a car but only for their residents as the cars belong to the residents. If this is the case and you would like to drive the cars for the client to take them out and about, you will fill out a declaration and show proof of your driving license and give permission for the client to see your compliance to be able to drive their residents cars. If you do become a driver for any of the services, it will actually give you the upper hand on getting more shifts with them. residents who do not have access to a car usually get the bus or walk. The residents usually have a plus 1 for any bus travels they do.
Details of all the services are on our mobile app. You will get to see what type of service it is and a bit about it once you are onboard with us. It is recommended to do at least 1 shift in the home and see if it is somewhere you would like to go again.
Any hours worked from Monday midnight at 00.00 – Sunday midnight 00.00 gets paid the following Friday. You get paid weekly, a week in arrears into the bank you provided us with by BACs.
You will not be self-employed. Your tax, NI contributions, etc will be deducted and indicated in your payslips.
When joining our agency, you will be sent a link to the onboarding. You will have a phone interview prior to this and you will fill in the details on the system and upload your reference requests, training and information needed. You must complete all the onboarding to then get access to the app-based system as long as you meet compliance.
When you get access to the mobile app, you will choose the locations. The locations you have chosen will show you the shifts available and you will propose yourself for a shift. Once we get confirmation from the client for you, we will accept you on the app, so that way you know what you are working and when. Once a shift is accepted, it is recommended not to cancel a shift as you are building your own rapport with the client. The more you work well for them, the more chances you have of doing more work for them.
Usually, mileage is not paid to and from your place of work to the service. We currently only have one location per shift allocated. If it is homecare or if mileage is confirmed by the client, it will be on the shift at the rate per mile.
You will get online e-Learning training for all the care certificates and mandatory training required to do the shifts. If you need support in any medication competency, you will get trained by us through zoom or by the client in the service. You will also have videos to tell you a bit more about the service to help and an induction to recruitment.
You do not need uniform for all the services. If uniform is required, it will be stated on the shift and this is provided by us free of charge for 1 top. Any additional, you will be required to purchase.
Hourly pay consists of the base rate and the holiday pay and paid weekly in arrears if hours have been worked. Temporary workers are not directly employed by the client or the agency, therefore holiday pay is paid weekly. However if you wish to accumulate your holiday pay and get paid the base rate, you are required to inform the agency when you would like this to commence in writing. You can also cancel accumulation at any time by informing the agency in writing. You do not get sick pay as you are not employed directly by the client or the agency.
We do not guarantee hours, but currently we are the preferred supplier and in most cases, the only supplier for temporary staffing. We get first priority on shifts as we have spent time building a rapport with the clients to ensure more hours. The better a job you do for a client, the more likely it is they will want you or book you for more shifts.
Flexible hours means you can work hours around your commitments. You can select the shifts you see on the app and propose yourself for these. You are in complete control of when you work. All we ask for in return is not to cancel agreed shifts and communicate with the office.
You will see the types of jobs and locations on the mobile app so you feel at ease knowing where it is.
We recommend just doing one shift first and then see how it goes. If you are happy, then you can book more or you can trial another one. If you don’t want to work for that service again, you just don’t pick the shift up.
You can fill out the apply now form, or the contact us now. You can also go onto our jobs page and see which job is of interest and apply that way as well.