A Little Snippet Of Our Lives!

After working in healthcare, IT and other corporate environments, founders Harsha and Sophia realised they had too many skills and experience between themselves to not set up their own business, after all they were setting up care services for other companies, so why not start our own. If we can make someone else’s business succeed, we knew we can make ours succeed and bring quality and uniqueness as a new start up business from the get go.

And this is how it started, Samaras Healthcare was born, through the pandemic.

The founders found a gap in the market from doing social media. Yes we are in fact oldies in the social media world making YouTube, something we never thought we would do as why do people want to sit and watch us!!

Harsha & Sophia noticed a gap in the market and everything was pointing to a sign to set this up….with Brexit happening, the pandemic and the health and social care industry in need of support of quality staffing we thought of linking the world together one step at a time; linking overseas workers in the UK with UK clients to try and bring in the quality and cultural aspects of people from all over the world to the world of care.

Britain is evolving, with people from all walks of life living and settling in Britain. This also means that our clients are looking for carers from diverse backgrounds.

Samaras Healthcare offers carers to our clients from all types of backgrounds: from British citizens and people who have lived in the UK all their lives, to people from overseas who can bring a bit of difference to our service users lives. They all have one thing in common and something Samaras have built their empire on, which is they are caring and compassionate and are nurtured by Samaras to be the best they can be.

Samaras Healthcare, originated from the Directors Surname. As the surname was too long and we did not want it to become a nuisance, we decided to cut this down to half our name, and this is how Samaras was born!!.

Samaras Healthcare offers a variety of services with growing ideas all the time. This includes but not limited to:-

  • Support staff to our clients to cover shifts from sickness to long term service
  • Bespoke training to the health and care industry or in leadership & management
  • Overseas cultural training for companies looking to prepare their staff for the working world of the UK
  • e-Learning courses accredited to CPD
  • Youtube content regarding health & social care, business, training & recruitment


I’m Sophia Samarawickrama co-founder of Samaras Healthcare. Even though we have only been trading since 2021, I have over 22 years of UK experience in the following fields:

  • Health and Social care from being a support worker to setting up care homes
  • Recruitment as an internal and external recruiter in health and social care
  • Qualified Health and Social care, hr & business trainer
  • Qualified HR Business Manager
  • Compliance & Auditing Manager for care services

After having children and being a mom to my children, I wanted to be able to still be empowered to have the best of both worlds and be a mother and a businesswoman in an industry I have a lot of knowledge, passion and experience in.

I have a passion for helping people and ensuring quality of services and love to run services to high standards. I am always thinking of innovative ways to move forward in business and implement this to our business model within Samaras.

I am hoping that many of you reading this message will either join our team providing care or be one of our partners in providing excellence to the world of recruitment, training and health & social care.


I am Harsha Samarawickrama, one of the two co-founders of Samaras Healthcare. Having worked in the IT industry since I graduated from Oxford Brookes University, UK back in 2006, I have gained many years of corporate experience. Prior to that, I have experienced the hardship as an international student from Sri Lanka, which encouraged me to help and support people who are trying to create a better life while contributing to the UK economy.

After having two sons with my life partner Sophia (yes, the other director of this company), I wanted more time with the children and the family as time started to fly. Recent pandemic and Brexit created a vacuum in the UK Health & Social care industry. Care home, nursing homes and hospitals are constantly looking for staff.

Sophia and I recognised this demand which gave us the perfect opportunity to help the industry while helping internationals in the UK as well as British citizens get into most rewarding care and nursing jobs. Our existing social media platforms, Sophia’s immense experience and knowledge and my willingness to learn new skills gave us that extra edge to establish Samaras Healthcare in 2021.

It has been quite a journey since we first started the organisation and everyday is more exciting than ever. The new skills and knowledge I am gaining while helping many other individuals on a daily basis is just an amazing experience.