Our organisation is only what it is because of our amazing team members. Meet some of those amazing team members here who are willing to share their experience in working in the UK healthcare industry with SAMARAS Healthcare.

Addie - Healthcare assistant


"My experience working with Samaras so far has being great. Having to work in different places and making a positive impact in the lives of many people is so fulfilling and the management at Samaras is so great and considerate of their workers."


"My experience working with Samaras has been amazing. The managers and owners go above and beyond to ensure you have shifts booked when you're available and ensure your shift was okay. The team are available all times of the day, so if you have any questions or concerns about a current shift, they're available to hand. Also, the owner has worked/visited every home I'm supported living which makes it more reassuring if you have a problem. All in all, one of the best teams I've worked with, the team treats you more like family than just a worker."
Olayinka - Healthcare assistant


"Samaras Healthcare has first and foremost provided me with an opportunity to learn on the job. My bosses, Harsha and Sophia have very great leadership skills which makes working with them and in any of their schemes very easy. With Sophia, it is not just about the job, she is concerned of her staff general wellbeing and tries to make sure that we are happy on the job. I like that Sophia is also hands-on and is very in-touch with our real-life work experiences on the different schemes. I have felt really fulfilled helping clients lead better and normal lives and I thank Samaras Healthcare for giving me the opportunity to explore this part of me. I would recommend Samara Healthcare to anyone considering coming on board with the company."

Abhinav Sathyamurthy

"I enjoy working with Samaras Healthcare. I have been given the opportunity to serve the community and make a living out of it. Every day in the Healthcare sector is morally rewarding as I get to make a difference by helping people less fortunate than me move on with their lives. "


"Working with Samaras has given me the opportunity to work at my convenient time, meet different people and go to different places. The satisfaction and relief I see in the faces of the people I support brings me a sense of fulfillment to keep being diligent in this career I have chosen. "

Joshua Nwauzu

"Samaras is one of the best Agencies in Devon and I am delighted to be part of the progress. Working in the Healthcare industry under the tutelage of Samaras is enviably a commendable opportunity and I have represented in a positive way. "